To the editor:

I have learned, much to my dismay, of a 115-foot-tall cell tower being built in my neighborhood. I am listed on documents as an abutter; however, I did not receive any notifications or mailings from the city of Pittsfield or Verizon regarding the tower. I learned of it only after construction vehicles came up my street to illegally access the 877 South Street site and drew attention to this project.

I would like our local officials to enforce proper zoning ordinances including providing proper written notification not just to some, but to all abutters. If I had received notification, I would have done everything to object to the cell tower being located here. I would have advocated to protect my property value, protect my neighborhood from a cell tower adversely affecting both the aesthetics and the character of our neighborhood and had advocated to protect our families, friends and community from over-exposure to RF radiation levels. Seeing I never had that opportunity, I am objecting to the tower now.

I grew up in this house. I love it here and have lived here all my life. My parents raised seven children here, and I have raised my two daughters here. I have received multiple legal notices about projects involving construction that abut my nine acres of land that I have on file, but I never received anything about the Verizon cell tower project. This is a wonderful neighborhood, and I would be distraught to see a cell tower adversely affect the natural beauty of our rural homes.

I work at Berkshire Medical Center. At a time when caring for others and dealing with a global pandemic needs to be the first priority, there is little bandwidth, resources or recourse to organize efforts to stop a cell tower. At this time, our homes need to be a sanctuary, a peaceful refuge and a safe place to be. We should not have to add additional fears or stress-causers at an already challenging and difficult time. This tower would adversely impact my home and the homes of my neighbors and those adjacent to it on Alma, Elmer, Fairhaven, Ora, Stanton, Plumb and Oliver streets.

I am asking for support for the reconsideration of this project due to the detriment it would cause being located here and due to the failure to provide abutters with proper notification, due process and opportunity for recourse.

Dennis Desnoyers


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