To the editor:

It’s not only the people who live in a neighborhood who should object to a cell tower going up next door. We had many worries when we learned that AT&T was proposing to install a 154-foot tower near our home. But, one of the biggest concerns was that we had no idea for a long time that this was being proposed.

It’s not enough that the city puts an announcement in The Berkshire Eagle, buried in a section that no one reads or can even make sense of. It’s not enough that only the immediate abutters get a formal letter in the mail.

The height of these towers means that they affect more than just the people who share a property line. Why are these towers going up so close to residential neighborhoods? With so much industrial and commercial land in the city, why couldn’t the Verizon people find a site that wouldn’t impact the large number of residents who live near Holmes Road?

Whose neighborhood is next, and how will we find out about it?

John Dickson

Published in Berkshire Eagle,608864?