To the editor:

My property is on Stanton Avenue in Pittsfield abutting the cell tower location. Like many other neighbors I did not receive any letters or notifications from the city or Verizon regarding this project. I found out after the cell tower was under construction.

I am not against cell towers in general, I know they are needed, but to permanently place one near homes in a residential neighborhood is not necessary or wanted by the people. I believe Verizon can achieve its goal without upsetting the residents.

There are many locations away from residential areas that will also produce good signals, and cell companies have the ability to pursue other locations, but may need to be forced to pursue them by elected officials. My hope is that our elected officials will respect and represent the wishes of the residents of Pittsfield first and make Verizon look for a new location away from neighborhoods which could be acceptable to everyone.

Michael Goodrich


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