To the editor:

When we purchased our house, off of Plumb Street in Pittsfield over 10 years ago, someone at my job chided me for moving into “Shack Town”! I had no idea what she was talking about and we learned the story about how our area was once used to keep the gardening equipment for the wealthier residents of other neighborhoods. Needless to say, this is no longer the case and our little neighborhood is filled with various homes and nice families trying to live their lives safely and hassle-free. 

Now this peaceful atmosphere is being disturbed by Verizon, which wants to build a cell tower at the top of the hill! Has this company selected our area because it was “shack town”? They never asked the residents how we would feel about this intrusion! Everything was done secretly and was being kept from the locals.

They gave South Street as the address of this tower, which seems completely in error. How can they call it South Street when it is being built in the outskirts of the woods in a residential area? We have been told by the opposition to this tower that it is unnecessary because Verizon service is fine without this additional eye-sore and possible injury to people’s health. We don’t want this tower to diminish the value of our homes either. Why does the tower need to be built here?

Please be aware that this could happen in your own backyard! Help us to stop Verizon by showing your support for our cause.This would not be the first time that cell tower installations would be stopped. Think about the links of these electronic monsters to childhood cancers.

Wendy S. Clothier,


Published in the Berkshire Eagle,603996